The moment that every person will remember is College Life. At Department of Maritime Management, B.K. School of Professional and Management Studies, celebrates that moment as PAL. PAL of Happiness, Friendship and Notoriety.


Renaissance is the flagship event which is a perfect blend of various events that upskills as well as gives entertainment to participants.

Teacher's Day

Teachers are the guiding force in every student's life giving them the direction to achieve goals, one can only be indebted forever and never repay them. By celebrating the teacher’s day on September 5 every year, we try to pay our sincere thanks and respect to them, so that they know how lucky they are to be guided by their teachers.


India is a land of fairs and festivals. Many festivals are celebrated during a year. Navratri is a one of the most popular festival celebrated in India by worshipping the Hindu deity Durga with joy and fervour. Our school also conducts an event named "Vrund" every year where all the students and faculty members of our school celebrate the fusion of happiness, tradition, colour, devotion and respect for our culture. Everyone comes up with traditional outfits and play garba with great zeal. Prizes and awards are also been bestowed for best performance and best dressing for both male as well as female. Lastly, the prime intention of pulling up this event is to allow students a period of recreation. Memories and friendships created in the event are cherished forever. In the vicious life cycle of a student, that revolves around studies, these kind of events shows a certain degree of inflation in the excitement levels of students.