At Department of Maritime Management, we try to bridge the gap between skill set desired by the corporate and the skill set of a management graduate. Every student has different skills and abilities. We make sure that we hone the best in them and provide support at different levels. To enhance corporate readiness of a student, a student undergoes:

  1. Aptitude Test- Students are trained to get through the aptitude test that they appear in when applying for a job. Special tips to score well in quantitative section are given along with sessions on logical reasoning and verbal aptitude.
  2. Workshops on Body Language-Workshops are conducted to prepare students with the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated which is a must for corporate world.
  3. Group Discussion- Group Discussions are carried out to assess and shape student’s personality keeping in mind the job interviews that involve personal interview as well as group discussions.
  4. Mock Interview Rounds- It is conducted so as to give students a real feel of the job interview that they’ll appear for. It also involves the video recording of the students mock interview rounds which lays emphasis on body posture and other technical aspects following which Do’s and Dont’s are then discussed.
Placement Process at The Department of Maritime Management

Placement Process is a two-way process wherein the department invites the interested recruiters to conduct the Placement Process and at the same time the new recruiters are invited by the department to be a part of Placement Drive.

After this initial phase, the students show their interest by registering themselves in this process. The Companies are allotted day and time-slots to hold their final selection process on campus. Aspects like the company profile, nature of the job, long-term relationship, emoluments, career growth and student's preferences are given prime importance while slotting the companies. The Final Placement Process marks the culmination of the annual placement process wherein candidates, irrespective of their nature of their prior work experience, participate. Companies visit the campus as per their respective slots. All infrastructural support required for the selection process of various companies is provided by the department.

Job Seeker and Recruiter Inquires:
Contact no:- +919327636559